Terrifying Confession: The Terrible Past Of Justin Bieber What Super?

Justin Bieber is still a trend in the art world thanks to his new documentary the most watched of the last time. There he has been able to tell everything about his life.

The famous He has talked about everything he has lived to get to the point where he is currently, one of the stars of the moment without a doubt. more than 10 years of career and still reaping success.

Bieber released a new album called Changes and now his documentary is being broadcast. There he talked about his dark past and abuses with prohibited substances.Canadian He said that everything started at a very young age, when he was between 12 and 13 years old, it was at that moment that he tried these drugs for the first time.


According to the artist, these substances make him feel good. He also admitted that he hurt himself and many others but is now beginning to recover. He wants to be the best husband and best father possible.

In this documentary also appears the treating doctor of the star who revealed the diseases that currently afflict him, additionally neg that he suffers from bipolar disorder.