Tesla's Smart Summon Feature Is Already Wreaking Havoc On US Parking Lots

Tesla's new “Smart Summon” feature is already causing problems in US parking lots., another example of the complications faced by the manufacturer of electric cars when deploying new features in its system.


Smart Summon is the most technically striking feature of version 10 of the software, which includes services such as Netflix and Hulu and a karaoke. This application will allow Tesla customers "Get your car to move through a parking lot and reach them or their destination of choice, as long as it is within your field of vision."

Tesla owners who bought the autopilot mode in their car received it as part of the software update whose beta version was released last week. Using only a smartphone, the function allows the car moves (without a driver!) to the place where its owner is from a maximum distance of 60 meters, as long as the car is within your line of sight.

Videos of electric car owners testing the new feature have already begun to appear on social media over the weekend, revealing some flaws in the application. A Tesla owner tweeted about "damage to the front bumper," while another claimed that his Model 3 "crashed into the side of a garage.

"Another owner said the test" didn't work out so well "after his car almost hit a SUV.

Tesla warns owners to be careful with the use of Smart Summon because it is not a fully autonomous function. "You remain responsible for your vehicle and must monitor it at all times and be within your line of sight, as it may not detect all obstacles, ”Says the fine print of the Tesla website. "Take special care with people who move fast, bicycles and cars."

Tesla's advertising brochures describe the autopilot as a tool to improve driving, but argue that "the current characteristics of the autopilot require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous" completely.

Tesla shares rose more than 6% on Thursday after the new features were announced, and after an email leaked in which Elon Musk says his company would be able to make 100,000 vehicle deliveries in the third quarter , what would be a record.

In light of recent events, the price of the shares could fall as a result of a reinforced perception that autonomous vehicles are prone to mistakes.