Texas Man Who Threatened To Kill Trump Sentenced

Dallas – A 36-year-old Texas man received an 18-month sentence in federal prison for threatening to assassinate President Donald Trump, the prosecution reported.

Mickael Gedlu was sentenced Friday, according to a statement from federal prosecutor Erin Nealy Cox’s office in Dallas. Gedlu pleaded guilty in December to making threats against Trump.

According to the agreement between the accused and the prosecution, Gedlu admitted having threatened Trump’s life on social networks when he said on YouTube: “I am waiting for Trump to visit Dallas before trying to assassinate him.”


During court proceedings, prosecutors said that on May 21, 2018, Gedlu was seen on the sidewalk across the street from the Dallas Adolphus Hotel 30 minutes before the arrival of Trump, who would be attending a fundraising event for funds in the city.

Dallas agents saw Gedlu holding a sign that said “Kill Trump” and when they arrested him he was shouting “Kill the President.”

Prosecutors said the Secret State Service carried out the investigation with the help of the Dallas police.



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