Thalia At a Big Party For Her Fans' Great Gift

Thalia at a big party thanks to all her fans to whom she owes her most recent triumph | Instagram

The Mexican singer Thalia is happy after celebrating her most recent triumph and all thanks to her fans whom she first thanked for that great gift.

The actress also remains very active in her social networks through which she shares things in her daily life, beauty routines, food, the most important people around her, her partner and children and even her pets.


Having gone through a strong health crisis, the artist is a regular social media, so such presence on the platforms has generated recognition.

And it does not take long to share some anecdote, tip, etc. so that their fans react many affectionately towards their idol and favorite artist.

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Due to this, Thalía decided to give back to her fans the great attention she receives from her on a day-to-day basis since it has generated her recognition of the most viewed Mexican artist on YouTube.

Made by the one who jumps with joy as he shows in the videographic material that he shared in his social network account.

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In the scenes of the clip the singer and actress poses with some balloons of varied range of colors, the dynamic image was accompanied by a legend written by the star

We continue to party! Thank you, dear ones, for making me the most popular Mexican artist in @YouTube! And also celebrating the entry to the Top 100 of most played artists on #YouTube!

You are the engine that drives me every day to do my best. Thank you for participating in my follies and joining them. They are suns, the best fans in the world!

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After sharing the message, middle artists were among the first to congratulate her, as Carlos Rivera himself wrote

Wonderful my Thali, followed by a heart and some handyman above.

Some middle artists congratulated the now Youtuber. Capture Instagram

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Another of the comments that can be seen was that of Montserrat Oliver who also congratulated the artist.

Subsequently the greatest applause was granted by the most fervent followers of the artist.

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Between hearts, congratulations, kiss emoticons, crowns etc. they expressed to their favorite artist the place they have in the hearts of their followers.