Thalia Demands Justice For Fatima

Several celebrities expressed their feelings through social networks, after making known the brutal murder of Fatima, a 7-year-old girl in Mexico City.

The Mexican people are shocked by the murder of Fatima, the 7-year-old girl who disappeared on February 11 and was raped, murdered and left inside a garbage bag in Mexico City.


Several celebrities, including Thalia , expressed their feelings through their social networks, after making known the brutal murder of the girl and through their messages demand justice to the Mexican government.

“I can’t stop thinking about this little angel of seven years. This cannot continue! You have to stop it immediately! The Fatima case is not a case of violence anymore, but a sample of the thousands of femicides that continue to kill innocent victims. As a woman and mother who loves her country deeply, I ask that she act immediately against impunity, indifference and neglect. ”

“We urgently need action, preventive laws and more support for women and girls. We Mexicans are outraged and the whole world is the same. We demand laws that protect children and women immediately. #niunamas # niunamenos # Fatima # FatimaCecilia # JusticiaParaFatima ”, the Mexican singer wrote on the social network.

The interpreter of Wiping out He accompanied his emotional message with the image of a Maria doll, recognized for being a cultural heritage of the state of Querétaro, tied and beaten.

The actress and singer Maite Perroni It was another artist who joined the penalty that seizes Mexico and asked for justice: “She was a 7-year-old girl who only went to school to play and learn. What else needs to happen? #JusticiaParaFatima, ”he wrote on his twitter account

The member of Jesse & Joy, Joy Huerta , who has just become a mother with his wife, Diana Atri, posted a message on his Instagram account to try to create awareness.

“If only Mexico and its government saw each and every one of us as monuments, then … the feminicides in the country would end. Justice for Fatima, justice for Ingrid, justice for all. (For the indignant who want to comment that ‘all’ believe me, nobody wants me badly, obviously we want a safe country for ‘everyone’, but I remind you that in Mexico 10 women are killed on average every day and today we talk about a 7 year old girl, 7 years old!) . Not one less, “he said.

José María Yazpik Y Mauricio Martínez They also spoke about the situation and were angry at those who are not empathic about the situation.