Thalia In a Bikini: With Soda And Pizza Life Tastes Better

Thalia in a bikini: with soda and pizza life tastes better | Instagram special photo

It is Saturday and the peculiar snapshot to which the beautiful and successful Thalia is accustomed to us could not be missed. This time, he surprised his followers in a green bikini, there is no doubt that with soda and pizza life tastes better. Also, it is a moment he shared with his family and friends, how are you?

It should be noted that between Thalía and Lili Estefan, there is a pleasant friendship. There are many times that the Mexican singer has expressed the appreciation she has for La Flaca, which is what she calls her, we are talking about a bond of 20 years ago and still laughing out loud and having fun as girls.


In a bikini, with soda and pizza, life tastes better

The truth is that Thalia does not lose the opportunity to show her followers her lovely attributes. This time, he did it with a full swimsuit, in which the vertical stripes in green stood out, as did his jacket. Of course, with those legs it is impossible not to fill it with compliments.

The photo already has more than 60 thousand likes and the comments do not stop. Of course, it was an afternoon of swimming pool, family, friends and, of course, pizza. She says, is there anything better than that? Goodbye to the diet and welcome relaxation. With a towel in her hair and a litmus lens she smiled at the camera.

Thalia and Lili Estefan

In the next picture we see her as happy with Lili Estefan, posing in front of the camera. How do they do it? They are very thin and finishing a pizza of that size is not anything.

“The friendship with Lili arose because she had a radio show. Then I went to his show at that time, at the time of Marimar (1994). She was the one who told me that her uncles (Emilio and Gloria) saw the novel and that they loved it. She introduced me to Emilio and he made me Morena and Amor a la Mexicana … Then it was that connection and within all that, we became friends, ”Thalia said at the time.

So, practically Lili Estefan, is from the Mottola family. Even on some occasions that in El Gordo and La Flaca, Lili Estefan passes her hand, when they talk about Thalia, she forgives her, well, she understands that it is the work of her dear friend.