Thalia Is Characterized By The Joker And Goes Viral On Social Networks

Thalia is characterized by Joker and goes viral on social networks | INSTAGRAM

In social networks, a photograph of Thalia was viralized, characterized as the Joker, a character that has been the center of attention in recent days for the premiere of the great movie "The Joker", played by Joaquin Phoenix.

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In the image you can see the actors Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger, side by side playing the Joker, while on one side you can see Thalia, as if she was also playing the Joker.

The singer's photo corresponds to a soap opera scene, María la del Barrio, where she worked as a traffic light clown.

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We can also mention that the actress is constantly characterized by some characters, so some people thought that it could be a current photograph in reference to the film.

It is worth mentioning that Thalia recently shared with her fans what a relaxing Sunday would be at home as she says. Thalia is known for being a fresh woman, with a good mood who accompanies her most of the time why she is so dear to her followers.

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Now he has shared a funny video in which he appears with his daughter and a teenager, the laughter and good humor were not long in coming. While it is true that in most jobs you rest on weekends, for a housewife there is no such concept since many women we work take advantage of to clean our house precisely on weekends or days of rest.

Thalia makes a representation as is of the Mexican mothers who want to take advantage when their children are at home to help with household chores, which is what you can see in the video.

In the video you can see Sabrina Sakaë daughter of the singer playing video games in that Thalia enters the room with a towel tangled in her head, in one hand she brings a mop and in the other "a flip flop" (a sandal), like all Mexican mother scolds her daughter and obviously she ignores her, the background music is an audio where she is claiming the son to help him with the "task".