Thalía Makes a Tremendous Confession That Could Be Unpleasant

Thalía makes a tremendous confession that could be unpleasant | Instagram

The interpreter of “Between the sea and a star” Thalía shared through her official Instagram account in her stories something that for some might be unpleasant, it was a shocking confession.

For Thalía it is important that society is safeguarded and protected according to the indications given by other countries that are in the same situation.


The singer has recommended to her followers and those who see her social networks that they try to stay home and go out only as necessary.

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For several weeks that Mexico has been in quarantine like other countries in the rest of the world, Thalía has lived in the United States with her family.

In these weeks he has dedicated himself even more to sharing curious videos through his social networks to entertain himself and at the same time do it with his followers, but perhaps it is the confinement or the need to share it with others but Thalía made a confession while singing a song according to the NQN Minute portal.

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“I have a month in the same pants, and what? It has been more than a month since I left my home, I manage the glamor in flip flops and socks. I haven’t stopped eating for a month, ”he shared in his stories.

Thalía | Instagram

Perhaps for some of the Internet users it was something a little unpleasant that although he is at home without making much physical effort it does not stop sounding a little strange, in the stories you can not see the comments they make to another person only who shares You can do it in addition to the fact that these are removed within 24 hours of publication.

Although thinking about it, it could only be a joke of the singer since on several occasions she has commented on things that are a bit exaggerated and end up being jokes.

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