Thalía Shows That She Is a Fan Of ” La Casa De Papel ” On TikTok

The singer surprised her followers with a video on social networks in which she plays three of the most popular characters in the Netflix series.

The fourth season The paper house premiered just a few weeks ago in Netflix, conquering audiences around the world, especially Thalia , who confessed that during her quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic she became a fan of the Spanish production and even shared a video on TikTok to prove it.


The interpreter of I do not remember He surprised his followers with a clip in which he recreates one of the most iconic scenes from the third season of the series. In the video, Thalia brings to life three of the most popular characters: Palermo, Nairobi and Stockholm.

In the fun scene you can see the Mexican singer, in the role of Nairobi, expressing his annoyance at the patriarchy and the macho attitude of men, until he appears Palermo and he begins to argue with her about the noise they make so late at night.

“Patriarchy, the old paradigm and its multiple machisms, let’s talk about it, do you know what the true patriarchy is? The one I have… ”, you can hear imitating Thalia in the video that he also shared on Instagram.

In the original scene, the dispute originates because Denver and Stockholm argue about the dangers of the new heist plan, plus they don’t share the same opinion about whether Stockholm You must join the risk situation.

“I do not know about you, but I am discovering in this quarantine many series and one of them is The paper house What season is this scene from? Who knows? “He wrote Thalia.

The paper house has thousands of fans who were impressed by the excellent performance of Thalia. “Beautiful, it was divine”, “You quarantine us with your videos,” were some of the comments left by his more than 16 million followers on Instagram, where he has already exceeded more than 500,000 views.