Thalia, The Best Stepmother, Introduces The Handsome And Unknown Eldest Son Of Tommy Mottola

Thalia, the best stepmother, introduces the handsome older son of Tommy Mottola

Thalia is the best stepmother, she introduced the handsome older son of Tommy Mottola. The above happened this morning while the music producer unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Accompanied by his youngest children, Sabrina and Matthew and of course, his wife Thalia, Tommy Mottolla lived one of his best moments.


During the unveiling, the producer posed with the famous singer and his children, Sabrina and Matthew, as well as with part of his team and the presenters of the important ceremony.

Mottola gave a speech about his gratitude for having received one of the most important awards in Hollywood.

But if something surprised was the warmth with which Thalia treated the oldest son of the producer, whom she called to join her, her husband and their children in the middle of a photo shoot.

The young man agreed immediately and with a warm apapacho, Thalia made him approach with his father.

Tommy Mottola’s eldest son also has a sister named Sarah, who is the producer’s firstborn, both of which are the product of the marriage he had with Lisa Clark, which lasted 19 years.