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Thalia is one of the Mexican artists who gives a lot to talk about for her spontaneous actions in social networks. Now, his name is being mentioned, but not because of some hilarious publication he has made, but because of an alleged case of prostitution.

The wife of businessman Tommy Mottola has been linked to this sensitive issue, following the statements of Kate del Castillo, who said there was a prosthetist in the 90s where Televisa offered famous and young artists to powerful entrepreneurs.

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The popular ‘Queen of the South’ said that “business” was held during meetings that were disguised for dinner parties.

“At publicist meals, you were basically a chosen one, so wow! if they invited you… because literally those meals were to offer actresses to publicists, who are the people who put money in Televisa, who buy the air times, ”said Kate del Castillo in her documentary 'When I met the guy '.

Thalia as a young man.

According to various Mexican portals, which have collected versions that have not yet been confirmed, Thalia was indicated to accompany businessmen in exchange for investments for their soap operas.

It is worth mentioning that this controversy was revived after the ex-producer Mario LaFontaine declared in an interview for the journalist Sanjuana Martínez for his book “I am the owner”, that prostitution is something that has been present within the company for many years.

Thalia is married to music producer Tommy Mottola.

Within the talk, LaFontaine has pointed to Televisa as "the largest brothel in Mexico", after being fired by the television house for the fact of having talked about the subject, after 28 years of collaborating in the company.

Other celebrities related to the prosthetist

In the controversial list of prostitution of Televisa would be the names of Gloria Trevi, Erika Buenfil, Salma Heyek, Bibi Gaytán. In addition, from actors such as Eduardo Yáñez and Sebastián Rulli.

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Thalia shows her new iphone 11

The wife of producer Tommy Mottola boasted the arrival of the new iphone he had in his hands. The Mexican singer shared through her Instagram account the luxurious mobile device, accompanying it with an emoticon with the word "Love".