Thanks To Your Ex? Irina Baeva Wins The Least Expected Battle Goodbye, Miss Laura!

Laura Bozzo knows well about lawsuits and couple controversies and it is somewhat ironic that this time it is her. It happens that her ex-boyfriend Cristian Zuárez did not remain silent when it came to Irina Baeva.

Recently, a lawyer was invited to the program “El Gordo y La Flaca” and there without scruples, as she always thought about Russian actress and modelRelated NewsAbout her, the Peruvian said that she “denigrated her as a woman” and that she “did not represent her”, this because they canceled the conference with which the Russian actress would participate in the ‘What a Woman’ event in Mexico City on last March 7.

All this made the ex of the television presenter go out to defend his partner, leaving the years of relationship with the lady on the floor and said: “I am ashamed of having lost 17 years of my life next to an ungrateful person “But it did not end there, the former partner of the talk show figure added in defense of Gabriel Soto’s partner:” Listen from his mouth and read his publications offending me, the only thing that shows is that Laura Bozzo is a toxic person ” .


What will the author of the phrase “Let the unfortunate pass” say? To all this is added that Zuárez commented on several occasions that Bozzo only “tries to trample on him” while he addresses her with respect. It seems that the lace He knew how to sow Zuárez’s affection.

As expected, Laura asked the Argentine to no longer talk about her and assured that Cristian is a thing of the past. About the 27-year-old Russian, she said that she continued to think the same and that she will continue to talk about Irina because it is her opinion.