The 10 Most Expensive Players In The MX League For The Clausura 2020

After closing the leg market internationally on January 31, the MX League teams closed their ranks to face the Clausura 2020. Although there are several squads such as América and León that are well known to invest a large amount of money in their signings, the most valuable elements in Mexican football are concentrated in the north, as is customary in recent years. Below is the list of the 10 most valuable players for this tournament that is in their beginnings: 10 – Guido Pizarro With a value of 7.5 million dollars, the Tigres engine is the tenth most expensive player in the MX League after several years of consistency in the midfield.9 – Carlos SalcedoPese not being one of the elements loved by the feline fans, that does not take away the value of the ‘Titan’ who with 7.5 million dollars was among the most valuable for the Clausura 2020.8 – Brian Lozano Being the MVP last semester par to Santos Laguna, the Uruguayan end also has a value of 7.5 million dollars if some other club wants to take it in the summer market.7 – Carlos RodríguezRead more One of the most recent jewels of Rayados and Mexican football, it is rumored that ‘ Charly ‘is being followed by several teams from the Old Continent, but if they want to take it away they will have to pay the 7.5 million dollars that the young midfielder is worth.6 – Roberto AlvaradoOf the most recent signings of Cruz Azul, the’ Piojo ‘has a value of 7.5 million dollars, but if it maintains its low level it could decrease its price.5 – Rogelio Funes MoriFBL-QAT-FIFA-CLUB-WORLD-CUP-MONTERREY-LIVERPOOLMoreThe second top scorer in the history of the Monterrey Soccer Club has become in one of the most valuable players for the Regiomontans and there were even MLS squads that in the winter market, but they did not reach 8 million dollars of the ‘Twin’. 4 – Vincent Jansse nThe Dutchman was the sensation of the previous tournament being the figure of the ‘Gang’ in the instances of Liguilla and now has a value of 8 million dollars.3 – Maximiliano MezaPese that since his arrival in the North Sultana has not been at its best level, the Argentine midfielder maintains a high price with 10 million dollars.2 – Rodolfo PizarroThe one that was considered as the future star of Mexico, seems to have stagnated in national territory, but despite that it remains at the top of the list of the most valuable with 10 million dollars.1 – José Juan MacíasSurgido del Guadalajara, ‘JJ’ borrowed a couple of tournaments back becoming the biggest prospect of Mexico during his stay in León, and on his return to Las Chivas now has a value of 10 million dollars.