The 363 Migrants Rescued By The NGO Open Arms Land In Sicily

Rome, Feb 2 (EFE) .- The 363 migrants that the ship of the Spanish NGO Open Arms rescued in the last five days in the Central Mediterranean landed on Sunday in the port of Pozzallo, in Sicily, and underwent strict medical controls after the state of emergency for the coronavirus was declared in the country.

The landing took place slowly and it was found that migrants had no fever when the protocol was activated by the coronavirus, the media reported.

The Open Arms docked this morning in Pozzallo, after receiving the authorization of the Italian authorities last night after Malta denied them a port three times, denounced the Spanish NGO.


Italy’s authorization came after the mechanism for the distribution of migrants in several European countries w as launched, the Italian Interior Ministry explained, although it did not cite the countries involved.

Of the 363 migrants, 98 are minors and one of them was taken to a hospital after landing and in recent days there were two other people evacuating Italy who had severe burns and severe abdominal pain.

The migrants rescued in five different operations came from countries such as South Sudan, Gambia, Egypt, Senegal, Chad, Burkina Faso, Guinea and the Central African Republic.

The Open Arms is currently the only humanitarian ship in the central Mediterranean area, after other ships such as the Ocean Viking of Doctors Without Borders and SOS Mediterranee and Alan Kurdi of the German NGO Sea Eye were authorized by Italy and Malta to disembark to his rescued.

The Open Arms, after a technical stop in Syracuse for the mission change, will return to the central Mediterranean, NGO sources informed EFE.

With the new Italian Government, after the march of the coalition of the ultra-right League, the time that humanitarian ships wait at sea has been reduced until a port is authorized thanks to the approval of a relocation mechanism for migrants among European countries shown available.

While this Saturday, the former Italian Interior Minister and League leader Matteo Salvini announced that he has been notified of the request to open a new trial for having blocked the ship of the Spanish NGO Open Arms for 20 days at sea with more than 150 migrants last August. EFE



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