The 5 Mexicans With The Highest Market Value In MLS

Mexicans see MLS as an attractive destination, because of the lifestyle in the United States and juicy salaries, which has led to a wave of Aztec players signing with neighboring league teams. Don’t forget to also follow us on our Instagram account, 90min_en, and our Twitter account, @ 90minespanolWe tell you which are the 5 Mexicans with the highest market value in the MLS, according to Transfermarkt. * All players are quoted in euros. 5 most expensive Mexican players in MLS5. Jonathan dos Santos, 2.0 million euros Jona has established himself as an important player in the LA Galaxy, where he plays most games as a starter, being an important man in the midfield of the Angelino team, although his market value has dropped In the last months. 4. Alan Pulido, 4 million euros Polished is a new signing of Sporting Kansas City and despite its market value of four million euros, the Wizards paid more than double for the Mexican striker, with the official transfer figure at 8.6 millions of euros. 3. Javier Hernández, 9 million euros Javier “Chicharito” HernandezMásThe ‘Chicharito’ is another Mexican who arrives this season at MLS. It has a market value of 9 million euros, against the 10 it had when playing in Seville. Arrive at LA Galaxy as a franchise player. Read more2. Rodolfo Pizarro, 10 million euros Pizarro has just reached the MLS and is the sixth most expensive player in the league, with a value of 10 million euros. The Mexican creative did not receive tempting offers from Europe and decided to sign with Inter Miami by David Beckham. 1. Carlos Vela, 15 million euros Carlos Vela, current MVP of the MLS, is the Mexican with the highest value in the US league and the second most expensive in the championship, behind Josef Martínez, whose letter has a value of 17.5 million Euros