The Actors Of ‘matrix 4’ Jump Into The Void Between Skyscrapers In San Francisco.

The Actors Of ‘Matrix 4’ Jump Into The Void Between Skyscrapers In San Francisco.

Although there is still more than a year left for the premiere of Matrix 4, fans can be sure that the visionary Lana Wachowski is doing the impossible because the action of this new installment lives up to the original film … including endangering the life of its actors. And it is that in a couple of videos recently published in Twitter and YouTube we have seen how the Matrix 4 team shot a dangerous scene among the skyscrapers of San Francisco. In the images you can see two actors jumping from the roof of a large building, with one of them falling into a vacuum and the other (apparently a woman) holding him by the hand and pulling the first upwards thanks to a complex system of wires and pulleys.We do not know for sure if they are actors themselves or action doubles (we would bet on the latter), nor who they play in the movie, but in any case the moment is overwhelming because it is shot without green screens, networks or mats or fans to simulate wind. There are practically no tricks or security measures in sight – except, of course, protective harnesses (if not, it would be homicide!). Undoubtedly, a clear commitment to realism that takes us directly back to the first installment of the saga, released there by 1999. These “first” images of the shoot (which we could already take a brief look at a couple of weeks ago) raise more questions of those who answer, because the production of Matrix 4 remains wrapped in the most absolute mystery. We know that the film will be a direct continuation of the 1999-2003 trilogy, that Keanu Reeves has got in shape to retake the role of Neo and that Carrie-Anne Moss will play Trinity again (and despite the survival of both After the conclusion of the saga in Matrix Revolutions is more than questionable, there are those who take it for granted that the two characters of the filming in San Francisco are them.) The filming of San Francisco reminds us of some of the most iconic scenes of the original film of 1999. (Images: © Warner Bros.) More We will also see Jada Pinkett Smith taking up the role of Niobe and a few new characters. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that Laurence Fishburne will play Morpheus again, while Hugo Weaving has already confirmed that he will not incarnate the fearsome Agent Smith again due to calendar conflicts. After the announcement of this new and ambitious sequel, its director, screenwriter and producer Lana Wachowski declared: “Many of the ideas about our reality that Lilly [Wachowski] and I explored 20 years ago now they are even more relevant. I am very happy to have these characters back in my life, and grateful for another opportunity to work with my brilliant friends. ”Matrix 4 has its premiere scheduled for March 21, 2021 (same date as another sequel starring Reeves, John Wick 4) .More stories that may interest you: