The Advice Of Love That Ricky Martin Gave To a Journalist In Via Del Mar: “We Have To Fight …”

Ricky Martin’s visit to the neighboring country has been full of much energy and unexpected events, but without a doubt this has not ceased to enchant his fans with his music and personality.

The Puerto Rican He was in charge of opening the first day of the “Festival of Via del Mar 2020”, which represents one of the most important musical events in South America. Related News Curiously, in the press conference that was made before his presentation, the singer was Surprised with a strange question asked by the extroverted Nati Jota, who did not want to miss the opportunity and asked for a love advice.

The influencer began his question to the composer as: “I, ac, Nati Jota, of ‘Fox’, (…) I am a little nervous. You are looking me in the eyes of Ricky, I am about to faint”, leaving exposed all the adrenaline of the moment.And then, the journalist unexpectedly told the actor: “I wanted to tell you the following, my question is half odd, I apologize (because) I changed the subject a bit. They just left me very recently, if I post He is a kid and I wanted to ask you: What song do you think is most effective in recovering an ex, if ‘I miss you, I forget you, I love you’ or ‘Come back’? And if you are going to sing them today “.


The reaction of the artist was to laugh at the unexpected question in a place like that, however, he did not stop responding to the height of the situation and said: “‘Tiburn’, to start, we have to fight, we can do everything possible , swim between sharks, but we will return. ‘I miss you, I forget you, I love you’ is always there and every time I come I have to sing it because it is important and ‘Come back’ to sing it today?

It is not known if the correspondent of “Fox” has been encouraged to send the voice memo to his former partner on WhatsApp since those songs were heard in the Quinta Vergara, what is known is that Martin Shine like never before on the first night of the event.