The Answers That Donald Trump Expects From Alberto Fernández

The answers that Donald Trump expects from Alberto Fernández | MDZ Online

Donald Trump, president of the United States,


The United States wants to know what Argentina is coming from, if Cristina Fernández will influence Alberto Fernández's decisions and what international agenda the next government will have. For its part, the new Peronist government needs to meet with the authorities of the International Monetary Fund to "re-roll" the debt. All this would lead to a meeting, in the oval room of the White House, between Donald Trump and Alberto Fernández, Infobae anticipated.

On whether Cristina or Alberto rules, Fernández must maximize his ability to convince in an issue that can mark his government's relations with the Republican administration. Another sensitive issue is that in the campaign Fernández raised a possible resignation of Argentina to the Lima Group and an alternative plan to try to resolve the crisis in Venezuela. Trump bets on the Lima Group and does not want Nicolás Maduro sitting at the negotiating table, a geopolitical position that clashes head-on with the ideas Fernandez proposes to initiate an orderly transition in Venezuela, with a view to free and transparent elections. In this sense, Fernández disagrees with Trump and argues that the decisions of interim president Juan Guaidó do not serve to guarantee an orderly transition,

Trump also waits for the president-elect to describe his economic program. The White House prefers plans supported by free trade and the possibility of remitting the profits obtained.

However, there is a key issue that concerns the president of the United States: Argentina's relationship with China. It is that during the government of Cristina Kirchner the installation of the Asian power base was granted and that Xi Jinping could support Argentine finances, through continuous investments in national territory. This is a geopolitical concern, which, in addition to Fernández's response on Venezuela, could end up influencing the decisions of the International Monetary Fund when dealing with the situation in Argentina. / Source: Infobae

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