The Approved T-MEC Must Be Removed From Donald Trump

The best thing that could happen to the trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada, the so-called T-MEC, is that, once the approval process in the United States Congress is completed, we will wait for Canadian approval, the date of Effective and we completely forgot about it.

At the time, this happened to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Its negotiation, approval, democratic rejection, parallel letters and its entry into force were the subject for many years.

Once that agreement entered into force, what began to be news was the commercial activity itself, not the content of the agreement.


Today the T-MEC document is still the target of attacks. Democratic senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders put him in the sights of his political campaign. And while his opposition did not influence him to have a last minute stumble in the Senate, it was still a disturbing noise.

Yesterday, the four committees of the Senate that were missing to rule the law HR5430, which allows to implement the T-MEC, gave their approval. In the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions the vote was 22 in favor, one against. Precisely the opposite of Sanders.

In the Foreign Relations Committee, for example, the support was unanimous. In the Committees of Commerce, Science and Transportation, and in the Budget Assignments, two votes were given against each, all of them Democratic senators.

Anyway, the legislative process will end today and will do so before the electoral season explodes with the foreseeable rejection of the political trial against President Donald Trump that the Republican majority of the Senate will surely decide.

The pending procedure in the Canadian Parliament does not seem to have major complications. Apparently, the opposition that has also occurred in that country would not be enough to bring down this issue that is also a priority for the government of Justin Trudeau, so it does not seem that there could be any surprise there.

The best thing is that this North American commercial relationship is legally approved, but that it does not appear in electoral times. We already know how we have done as a country when Mexico becomes an electoral instrument.

He is a creature of President Trump, this should give certain guarantees of survival to the campaign. There are not so many two opposition Democrats to the new trade agreement, this should also give guarantees against a possible opposition victory.

But the target of attack must be taken out of sight, at least so that we don't have as many shocks, even financial ones, as we did in its previous presidential electoral process.

Avoiding these unnecessary noises should start with a moderation in the celebrations that 4Q will surely have with the end of the legislative process. It was not easy, but much discretion is recommended to capitalize on the content of the T-MEC, rather than the political triumph they assume would have been obtained with their approval.

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