The Argentine Chancellor Thanks Pompeo For The Support Of The United States. Regarding Debt

The Argentine Foreign Minister, Felipe Solá, thanked on Monday the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, for the support received from the Government of that country regarding the renegotiation of the Argentine foreign debt, official sources reported.


“Our Government appreciates the degree of involvement and goodwill received from the administration of President Donald Trump to help resolve the problem of the Argentine debt,” Solá said in a statement from the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

The Argentine Government is in a negotiation period to restructure bonds for $ 66,238 million.

Argentina launched its initial restructuring proposal on April 21, when it formalized before the United States Securities Commission an invitation for creditors to adhere to the offer in a term that has already been extended three times and whose last extension expires this Friday. .

The initial proposal was rejected by the majority of holders of foreign law bonds included in this process, led by large investment funds that demanded an improvement in the offer and that in recent weeks presented counterproposals to the Fernández government.

The Argentine Executive is studying to present a new proposal to try to attract bondholders, after having extended the period to adhere to the offer on several occasions.


Solá and Pompeo also discussed other issues, such as the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in both countries, the current state of the crisis that Venezuela has been experiencing for years and the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United States.

Regarding the pandemic, Solá gave Argentina’s “condolences” to the United States “for the number of victims” that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has left in the United States, which already exceeds 100,000 deaths.

“Argentina is also facing this multi-dimensional challenge that has demonstrated the need for greater international cooperation to combat it in an increasingly interconnected world,” added Solá.

In Argentina, which began a mandatory quarantine on March 20 that continues in force in Buenos Aires and other risk points, COVID-19 has so far left 22,794 infected and 670 deaths.

Regarding Venezuela, which in recent months has gone through moments such as the failed maritime invasion, in which the US Government denied having participated and for which 10 people were detained and eight others died – two of the detainees are Americans – Solá reiterated that Argentina “is in favor of a peaceful, political and negotiated solution by Venezuelans themselves, within the framework of their institutions and tools.”

“Without external pressure or conditioning”; added the Argentine Chancellor.



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