The Arrest Of Two Giuliani Collaborators Torments Donald Trump

In each of these cases, Trump supporters claim that the others were the ones who acted badly, not Trump. But in Cohen's case, Trump was named as a co-conspirator not indicted in violations of campaign finance regulations. In addition, the fate that these men will run calls into question their argument that it recruits "only the best people".

This new drama is a reminder that accusations of corruption and influence peddling have joined Trump since the previous troubles that could be the cause of him being the third president of the United States who is followed by a impeachment procedure. formal. It could also indicate that Giuliani's position in his intimate circle is becoming politically untenable, as it continues to bring controversies to a White House which in itself has a hard time keeping afloat.

On Thursday, CNN reported on a separate episode in which Giuliani took advantage of a meeting at the Oval Office with Trump, in 2017, to pressure Tillerson to support an exchange of prisoners to deter the Justice Department from prosecuting an accused Turkish businessman of violating sanctions on Iran.


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The businessman, Reza Zarrab, had ties with senior Turkish officials who had pressured the United States to give up on suing Zarrab for violations of Iran's sanctions over the nuclear program issue. Zarrab was Giuliani's client. Bloomberg News had the scoop on the meeting at the White House.

A person who is aware of the meeting said Trump invited Giuliani and Michael Mukasey, a former secretary of justice, to convince Tillerson.

After the meeting, Tillerson mentioned what was said to the then head of the office, John Kelly, who was not present, and said he could not support such an agreement.

Apparently, the meeting is a clear example that Giuliani has used his relationship with Trump for his own personal or business goals and puts Trump's interests at risk, which supposedly is the only thing that should matter to a hired lawyer.

This will raise new doubts about whether the president of the United States again abused his power in an apparent attempt to consummate the deal.



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