The Ave Announced The Creation Of The Health And Well-being Board

The AVE Announced The Creation Of The Health And Well-being Board

After the importance of the transformation to promote the growth of the commercial communication industry in Mexico, the Alliance for the Strategic Value of Brands (AVE) announced the creation of the Health and Well-being Board, which will be chaired by the specialist in the Enrique Culebro Karam sector.

“We decided to create this table for a very clear objective: to promote proposals related to businesses and projects in the Health and Well-being category, because in such a strategic and growing segment, the development of communication and advertising campaigns is important,” Sergio explained. López, executive president of the AVE.

The table will be made up of a team of health and wellness specialists, who under the leadership of Enrique Culebro Karam will generate efforts focused on three priorities:


1. Guide companies in the health and wellness industry to implement or optimize “direct to consumer” business models.
2. Promote the use of technology (gadgets, devices, virtual consultation, electronic prescription, etc.) with messages aimed at consumers, patients and health professionals to bring them closer to the commercial offers of the brands.
3. Disseminate best practices for advertisers to increase their participation in media aligned with the legislation on the matter.

In addition, the AVE Health and Well-being Board will be in charge of coordinating disease prevention and combat measures through the media; provide training to industry professionals; will guide patients on the treatment of information around the themes of the segment; and will support initiatives that develop innovative models for healthcare.

“Assuming the presidency of this new table is a great challenge, and also a great responsibility, especially at this time when health and well-being have become the protagonists of the conversation after the pandemic. Our job will be to promote innovation in marketing and advertising, strengthen ties with associations and interest groups, all under the umbrella of the AVE” expressed Enrique Culebro Karam.

The specialist has a degree in Marketing and a master’s degree in information technology from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. In 2001 he founded Central Media, one of the first digital agencies in Mexico specialized in the health sector. In addition, he is certified in Digital Health by the Harvard Business Review.

Culebro Karam, who created the first Digital Pharma Marketing diploma at the Universidad Panamericana, is also the host of the Algoritmo Salud program at El Heraldo de México, where he comments on the trends, platforms and technologies that are impacting products and services in the sector.

Within the plans for 2023, the Health and Wellness Roundtable will lead the development of a report on the state of communication and advertising in the sector, the organization of an event on regulatory matters, and the launch of a training program focused on a D2C model (direct to consumer) for healthcare and healthy consumption.



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