The Ayuso Government Opens The Door To Contract Part Of The Vaccination With The Private Sector

The Government of the Community of Madrid has opened the door to use private companies to accelerate the vaccination of Covid-19. The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has stated in an interview on TVE that they will use “all resources” to achieve immunity. “Right now, in a pandemic situation, one has to use all the resources that are necessary to be able to administer the vaccines, whether they are public and private resources, if they are necessary, we will do so,” said Ruiz Escudero in an interview in La Hora.

“Of course we will use all the resources. As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic, function as a single health system and use public resources and private resources, according to the needs that we require in each situation,” added the regional councilor.


From the health department they reported this Saturday that the Community has only administered 6.3% of the 48,750 weekly doses that it will receive from the Government in the coming months, despite requests from the regional government to the Ministry for “more vaccines to arrive” and “come soon”. Ruiz Escudero clarified this Monday that the delay occurred because the residences asked them to do so after December 31, so as not to coincide with the time when the elderly were with their families and staff on vacation.

Despite the counselor’s justification, the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the COVID-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero, explained this Saturday that next week’s goal would not be adjusted to those almost 50,000 doses either. “The week that begins between January 4 and 8, between 10,000 and 15,000 people will be vaccinated in Madrid,” Zapatero has detailed. They are between 20.5 and 30% of the package that the Community will receive weekly until March.

In the statements made this Monday on TVE, Ruiz Escudero has detailed that his Ministry has contacted private centers to train professionals in the supply of the vaccine. “It requires training of personnel, in terms of security of the vaccine administration process and in terms of data traceability security”, he has had an impact, to subsequently ensure that training is being carried out “at all levels “and they will” activate equipment, according to the need and the amount of vaccines “that they receive. “All the vaccines that are received are going to be administered,” he said.

The head of the health portfolio has explained that in this first phase it is necessary to “administer the vaccine to social and health personnel, whether in public, arranged and private residences.” “We will have to activate all the necessary resources to administer the vaccination,” he insisted



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