The Bad Week Of Donald Trump

The president of the United States said that he had not seen the first day of testimony in the process of political trial that is being followed in the House of Representatives of his country for allegedly pressing the Ukrainian government to affect Joseph Biden, a likely contender in the presidential elections next year.

What is certain is that since Friday he has accumulated dozens of tweets and retweets about the procedure attacking witnesses and Democratic congressmen. In an unprecedented act, one of his tweets criticizing the witness on Friday, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, slipped into the Congress session in real time and was commented on by the participants.

The first witnesses, chosen by the Democrats to start causing media impact were serious and forceful. Public servants of long and prestigious careers in the foreign service that accurately described the White House's attempts to, first, form a negotiation team parallel to normal to establish the relationship with the Ukrainian government and then to place the investigation against Biden in The center of the discussion. We met some new elements, especially that of a call from Trump to his envoy to Ukraine insisting that what interested him most was the investigation against the Biden.


There was not a smoking gun that sinks Trump, but the accumulation of testimonies confirming a narrative.

It was also clear that Republicans, so far, do not intend to give in, nor are they considering removing their support from the president. Moreover, the attorney general gave a speech accusing the Democrats of, through the procedure in the House, altering the will of the Americans at the polls.

The week ended with the re-election of Democrat John Bel Edwards in Louisiana, despite Trump's intense campaign for the Republican candidate.

A year before the election, hostilities have begun. Democrats continue to accumulate new candidates for the candidacy and the atmosphere in Washington is increasingly polarized.

How far and how will the president react to continue working at his electoral base? That is the question that has the world worried.




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