“the Battle Is Not Over”

“The Battle Is Not Over”

WASHINGTON (WABNEWS).- U.S. abortion opponents warn their battle didn’t end with a Supreme Court ruling last June that nullified protections for that right across the country.

The protest, which the March for Life organization has convened annually since 1974, this time had symbolic significance. This Sunday marks the eve of his 50th anniversary since abortion was legalized, and was celebrated just months after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a half-century-old ruling.

People attend the March for Life in downtown Atlanta, Georgia (USA) on January 20, 2023. WABNEWS/EPA/Erik S. Lesser

Thousands, many of them students and religious people, attended the appeal on Washington’s National Mall and made their way to the Capitol and the Supreme Court.

Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, said: “This year we celebrate our most important victories, but we are not going to stop them.

Judgment “Roe v. Wade»

When the Supreme Court reversed the “Roe v. Wade” judgment in June, it left the decision of whether to allow voluntary protection for pregnancies up to states.

Wishing to show support for women and children, 27-year-old Maggie Marciniak, who marched from Pennsylvania, told WABNEWS, “This is a step in the right direction and our voice. is being asked,” he said. “Truly protect life”.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, data from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest network of reproductive services clinics, show that 18 of the 50 states have banned or severely restricted abortion, and 13 of those states have restricted access to such services. has become virtually impossible. Although there are exceptions.

As the new leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Steve Scalise, said on stage, the anti-abortion battle “has been going on for decades.” Let’s keep fighting and win,” he said.

Abortion figures, according to March for Life

About 900,000 abortions are performed in the United States each year, according to March for Life calculations, and that number is expected to drop to 200,000 after the Supreme Court ruling.

“Abortion is evil and murder. said 16-year-old Luke Douglas, who arrived at the demonstration on

National anti-abortion activists attend the annual March for Life on January 20, 2023 at the National Mall in Washington, USA.  WABNEWS/EPA/Shawn Thew
National anti-abortion activists attend the annual March for Life on January 20, 2023 at the National Mall in Washington, USA. WABNEWS/EPA/Shawn Thew

For many today, incest, rape, or even when the mother’s life is in danger, abortion should not be considered an exception.”There is always a way to protect both lives.”

The “pro-life” movement goes beyond abolition. In the words of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), who attended the march, “We must not rest until all the moral destruction that accompanies the sexual revolution is over.”

While the White House made it clear this Friday that it will respect the right to peaceful demonstrations, President Joe Biden also said abortion rights are being restored across the country until Congress registers it in an executive order. , stressed that his regime will not stop. Constitution..


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