The Best Apps To Learn English In 2020

Lingbe lets you speak to strangers.
                                                Every year we have important goals and for many, one of them is learning English. We search for and test various applications that have a free component before offering others for which you must pay a little more. Here are the top 5 applications to learn English in 2020 for free or practically without cost.
 Lingbe In fifth place we have an application for people who already know a little bit of English and want to practice their pronunciation with other people. It’s called Lingbe and it basically allows you to create a profile, and put your English into practice by making calls to strangers from anywhere in the world. The idea is simple, if you receive calls from people who want to practice Spanish, you earn lingos, a virtual currency that you then use to pay your calls to those who know how to speak English, so you can practice. You can also earn lingos by watching ads, or by taking other actions. On the downside, we have no language guide or resources to improve. Lirica Lirica is a fun application if you are one of those who needs to improve your English, but everything bores you or you just need more action. This application has a free version that lets you follow games by listening to popular songs. In these games you have to say what you are listening to or translate it, and everything happens too fast so you have to pay close attention. Lirica allows you to learn English through songs.
                                                This is a recommended application if you already have some knowledge of English, as it does not teach you much grammar or new words. It has a paid version that allows you to get lessons with music videos and songs, where you have to organize sentences and even do translations, and which costs about US $ 25 a year. Duolingo has a very fun interface.
                                                 Duolingo In position number three we have Duolingo, which incorporates a bit of everything. Its interface is colorful and very lively and can be used by children and adults. It allows you to select your level, you must complete sentences, it allows you to speak to practice your pronunciation and it also does writing tests, and each time you do it well you can pass the level and even have competitions within the app. Duolingo has a basic free version that adds advertising from time to time, but when you subscribe for about $ 10 a month you remove the ads and you can download the lessons to take them offline. Busuu is a somewhat more formal application, for those who want to follow stricter classes.
                                                 Busuu If you are looking for an application that has a slightly more professional interface, Busuu can be a great option. This application has an interface more similar to that of an online class and includes different well-structured learning sections. Each lesson allows you to know the vocabulary and you must do small tests that keep you attentive, at the end of each lesson there is a test that allows you to level up. Something interesting is that you can help other users who speak Spanish to improve their progress and people who know English can help you, in the community section. There is a paid version that for US $ 45 a year adds practice with native speakers, offline mode and even personalized study plan. The BBC Learning English course application has all its content completely free.
                                                    BBC Learning English
                                                 BBC Learning English And in the number one position we have one of the most complete applications that you will find and that is also totally free. It’s called BBC Learning English, and it’s a program on the public channel BBC that groups daily vocabulary and grammar lessons by levels. The best thing about this application is that you decide which programs to follow yourself, you can add it to your programs section, and this will allow you to follow a different lesson every day. Each program is updated weekly with new lessons. To this we must add the pronunciation section, which helps you solve doubts when it comes to your daily conversations in English. Of course, BBC Learning English does not have a section to chat with real people, so you may need to use another of the apps in this top 5 to complement your online training. To select the applications in this top 5 we have taken into account the level of tools provided by the applications to study English, as well as its ease of use. To see other options of applications and services that help you learn English:
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                    The best apps to learn English in 2020