The Best Apps To Save And Have More Control Of Your Finances

Most people have tried to save at some point in their lives, and although many of them do it without any problem, there are others who find it a bit difficult, but thanks to technology it is now easier to meet our goals .

In the world of mobile applications, we can find several that help you know how to manage yourself economically and in the simplest way.

If you find yourself saving for a trip, an apartment or just to buy some things that you have wanted for a long time, some of these applications could help you.


Money Manager

It is a perfect application for people who are just starting with their financial education. Due to its easy use, you can manage your finances in a simple way and without having to add things that you don't know what they are for or that you simply don't need.

If you have just processed a credit card for the first time, the app can help you, based on its availability, how much you can spend and how long it will take to pay it, as well as letting you know when you have exceeded your limit. Money Manager is free for Android and iOS.


This application allows you to set reminders to know that a payment deadline is about to expire and so you can pay it without penalty.

For this to be effective, you have to register all your deposit methods as bank or payroll accounts, this will help the system calculate the money that enters and leaves in order to have a clearer notion and be able to help you in a personalized way. Fintonic is available for free for both operating systems.


The advantage of this app is that it is automated and can segment all your expenses and subtract these from your current budget. That is, if you have an amount allocated for exits or gasoline, among other things, at the time of registering an expense that matches your sections, that money will be immediately subtracted from the budget in order to have total control, however small the expenditure. At the end of the month, Finerio will show you a graph with expenses and income and in this one you can level them for next occasions.