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The Best Five Netflix Movies To Watch On Father’s Day

Father’s Day in Chile has always been celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Almost always, that day has fallen on the 19th. However, this year that day will fall on Saturday, so its massive celebration will take place on Sunday, June 20. The weekend will be ideal for making a marathon of films related to fatherhood. Here are five of them:

I am Sam

If we talk about classics, you can not miss I am Sam, also known as My name is Sam. It is always a good time to get excited again with this story of the adult man with a mental disability and the tender relationship with his daughter. Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer are the perfect cast for an emotionally charged film.

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This is a Mexican movie more than new, since it was recently released in 2020. The film tells the story of a girl whose mother forbids her from enrolling in a BMX race. The little girl has no better idea than to hire an actor for the role of her father. The feature film has the performances of the actors Juan Pablo Medina, Silvia Navarro and Natalia Coronado. History promises moments of great sensitivity.

Looking for happiness

Going back to the Netflix classics, it’s impossible not to remember The Pursuit of Happiness. The cast headed by Will Smith as Chris Gardner, Jaden Smith as Christopher Gardner Jr., Thandie Newton as Linda Gardner make the film not wasteful. The film was released in 2006 and is based on the true story of Chris Gardner.

Dear dad

Another must-see movie on Father’s Day is Dear Dad. The drama, released in 2016, tells the story of a father and son do: 14-year-old Shivam and his 45-year-old father Nitin. The film is released on May 13, 2016 and is one of the few in India that shows homosexuality.

Captain Fantastic

This dramatic comedy recounts the life of Ben, who for 10 years lived with his six children in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, far from civilization. Everything went well until they were forced to leave their comfort zone and adapt to a society not only modern, but totally unfamiliar to them. Without a doubt a fun story, available on Netflix for you to enjoy this weekend.


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