The Best Maradona With Booties, The Historic Celtics-Lakers Duel In The NBA And More

Television in quarantine is a variant to combat the boredom that confinement can cause, especially for those sports lovers who are prevented from enjoying events due to the suspension of all competitions worldwide for an indefinite period. Thus, live matches of any discipline will have to wait, so TV channels begin to look for alternatives for their daily programming. Documentaries and series from Netflix, YouTube and other platforms are other options to alleviate the lack of sports action in this quarantine. For this reason, LA NACION offers a menu every day to help calm sports abstinence.What to see this Friday 20Argentina in the World CupsWhere to see it: today at 12 – DEPORTV (CV 100 – 631/1631 DTV) In this edition, the three games in the group zone of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and the eighth. The clashes against South Korea (triumphant debut), Italy (Maradona’s historic goal) and Bulgaria (another victory, which allowed the group to win). In addition, the dramatic match for the round of 16 against Uruguay by the selected Carlos Bilardo (1-0 with a goal from Pedro Pasculli), who was going to keep that World Cup. Almost eight hours of football full of memories and emotions. Maradona in Sinaloa Where to watch it: Netflix There is no place that makes Diego Armando Maradona happier than a soccer field, before as a player and now as a coach: “It is as if he were playing again”, he says, wearing a DT hat. Maradona in Sinaloa, the documentary miniseries on the Argentinean stage as coach of Dorados – a team in the second category of Mexico – is a window that allows you to enjoy the purest version of the idol. ESPN 30×30: Celtics / Lakers Where to watch them: Today at 16 – ESPN 3 (CV 104 HD – DTV 626/1626 HD) This is not only the story of the confrontation that forever marked the history of the NBA: it also shows everything that happened throughout the three finals that the Teams captained by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson played in four years during the 1980s (1984, 1985, and 1987) and which made the NBA the popular phenomenon it is today. ESPN 30×30: There’s No Place Like Home (No There’s a place like home) Today at 9 pm – ESPN 3 (CV 104 HD – DTV 626/1626 HD) On December 10, 2010, the auction house Sotheby’s managed to sell what could be considered the most important historical document in history sport: the original basketball rules etbol by James Naismith, who was its inventor. “There is no place like home” is the story of a man’s quest to keep these rules at auction and take them back to their place in Lawrence, Kansas, where Naismith trained and taught for over 40 years. Special: The final of the Spanish Supercpa, Real Madrid vs. Atlético de MadridWhere to watch it: today at 22 – DirecTV Sports (1610 HD) Subscribers to the satellite TV service will be able to enjoy the grand final between the Madrid teams played on January 12 of this year Saudi Arabia with the tie in time regulation and the controversial play at the end of the game that could have changed history: Valverde’s kick to Morata that prevented him from scoring the winning goal for Simeone’s team. Then the definition by penalties that enshrined the team of Zinedine Zidane.Read more