The Best Sites To Download Music For Free And Legally

If you pay sacredly every month for music streaming services, such as Apple Music or Spotify, you may be surprised to know that there are sites to download music for free and legally. Thus, it will not be a problem if you stick with a song to the point of listening to it 100 times in a row. There are many, but here we select only the best. In 2009, WFMU Radio embarked on a project to make contemporary music of all genres available to the public. Thus was born Free Music Archive, which has become a true treasure of free content. First, it indexes the free music published by all its associates and, secondly, it allows users to publish their own music directly to the archives. It also offers numerous podcasts.Not all the songs available on Souncloud are free of cost, but you can find free music from multiple artists. You can browse Soundcloud by artist, genre, popularity and latest releases. You’ll be amazed at the vast amount of free music available. There’s also a section of the site dedicated to songs released by Creative Commons licenses, which means you can download and mix them as you please. This website is basically YouTube to share music: anyone can publish their songs through this site specifying if the content can be downloaded or can only be listened to online. The user community of this site is very active and has an elegant interface, with a useful navigation bar at the top, and direct access to the mobile applications of the site.Great names like Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons had its start in ReverbNation, sharing its music for free and getting a loyal fan base. There’s a mix of all genres there, but the site tends to lean more towards pop, alternative music, and hip-hop. With a community of almost 4 million artists, labels and users, ReverbNation helps you review your catalog immersively, offering you great features such as the Discover app and the site page, which will help you know who will be the star of the Next generation.ReverbNationAmazonYou’re probably used to using this gigantic online store to buy everything from headphones to dog food. So why not add free music to your shopping list? The platform has a huge variety of thousands of free songs, and lets you choose between dark indie creations and classical music and the hits of the Foo Fighters (whose songs Saint Cecelia and Iron Rooster were available for free download on the service, the latest once we verify it). The process is fast and hassle free, and it works just like if you bought a song that costs money on Amazon, but without paying. Just add a song to your shopping cart and it will be yours. AmazonDatPiff This is a site for those who like rap. The hip-hop community is a factory of new productions with the mixtures they generate. Some of the tracks are compilations by artists seeking to be relevant, and some are new creations based on some famous song.DatPiff is the only site on this list that features music from mainstream artists such as Future and Drake, and it continues to be the # 1 spot. where fans go to download new records. The site has a pop-out player, from which you can listen to the song before downloading it, and it collects songs from sites like HipHopEarly.DatPiff A new free music download site has come to challenge DatPiff’s monopoly. Called Audiomack, it’s home to what has quickly come to be rated the best collection of hip-hop, rap, and trap, ranging from crushing hits like Kodak Black to viral tracks by emerging artists like NBA YoungBoy. creators have decided to deactivate the downloads, instead of choosing to use the streaming function, you will find a large amount of downloadable material, which includes some pieces such as Migos, Playboi Carti and Rich The Kid. Archive and, a community dedicated to providing high quality live song versions. There are bands like Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, Sound Tribe Sector 9, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson and Animal Collective. You can also search by genre: from jazz to reggae. Browsing the site can be expensive due to the amount of content, but there is always a way to filter the results by publication date, title and original creator. Once you find what you are looking for, you can download the songs individually as FLAC or mp3.Life Music ArchiveJamendo With over 400,000 songs from approximately 40,000 artists, Jamendo is by far one of the largest free music repositories on the internet. You won’t find your favorite artists here, but the interface allows you to easily find new talented musicians. Instead of searching by genre, you can search for tracks by popularity, most downloaded, most listened to and the latest release. The popularity of a song is measured based on user ratings. So despite the large number of songs available on the site, it will be easy to find a song to your liking. If you want to experience new music and meet new artists, this site is for you. JamendoNoiseTradeNoiseTrade is a free music site and a promotional platform. You can download any individual track or album that an independent artist uploads to the site if, at the same time, you provide their email address and zip code. The freemium promotion platform also encourages you to disseminate information about the artists you like through Facebook and Twitter, while giving you the option to donate $ 4 dollars. The user interface of the site is also remarkably clean and simple , allowing you to effortlessly search or explore artists within a visual hub loaded with recommendations and complementary mixtapes covering a wide range of genres, musicians, and upcoming events. In addition, the site often has samplers and exclusive releases of artists before its premiere in other places, along with the corresponding links to connect it to social media pages. NoiseTradeMusopenIf you are a fan of classical music, the truth is that it will be easy to find free downloads; after all, most of the classical compositions – and many of their performances – have been in the public domain for a long time. Musopen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and access to classical music, houses an impressive library of songs and compositions, all without copyright restrictions. Users can browse by composer or performer, or filter the results according to the period of time and the instrument. Whether you enjoy the complex arrangements of the baroque period of a fierce passion for romantics, Musopen probably has what you’re looking for. The pieces are available to listen to directly or to download, some even in high resolution. In addition, the site offers a lot of useful information for your reading. If you’re curious to know what a rondo is or what defined Chopin’s style, you can learn everything here. Musicians will love to know that the site offers sheet music, so if you fall in love with a particular piece you can not only listen to it, but also learn to play it. MusopenLast FM When was initially created in 2002, it worked as a Internet radio station similar to Pandora and iHeartRadio. However, in 2005, the site adopted Audioscrobbler, a music recommendation system that collects data from dozens of media players and music streaming websites to create profiles of individual users that reflect your musical tastes and listening habits. has now gathered information from nearly 100 billion views, totaling more than 7 million years of listening, however many users at are unaware of the site’s free music repository. It can be accessed through the “Free music downloads” link at the bottom of its page, or here, and offers a fairly diverse library of free music, ranging from Sufjan Stevens to The Glitch Mob. It’s eclectic and limited, but free.Last.FMSoundClickSoundClick is notable for its extensive library of free amateur music. It is a lot like SoundCloud in that it primarily offers a melting pot of melodies from the independent scene, all loaded by the artists responsible for creating them.SoundClick, which has been in business since 1997, has millions of tracks in more than a dozen genres, including hip-hop, country, jazz, alternative and more. You can download many of those songs for the price of mere megabytes and a few seconds of your time, and the transmission (up to 160 kbps, a blessing for free services like these) is An excellent option. Like others in its class, you’ll come across a fair amount of expendable music, but it’s worth exploring to find the gems. SoundClick * Updated March 10 by Daniel Matus. The post The best sites for free music download and legal way appeared first on Digital Trends Spanish.