The “Big Lie” Of Donald Trump And AMLO In 2024

Remember when Donald Trump, in October 2020, theatrically removed his mask in an exterior corridor of the White House upon returning from a military hospital, where he was treated for having tested positive for Covid? The press was gathered in one of the gardens. We all saw the movie cowboy act broadcast on television. Donald Trump returned to his mandate, free of the virus and strong as an oak.


That image is very present to me. It was the attitude of the almighty who defeats death itself. For months he had overestimated the pandemic, which infected seven million Americans and killed two hundred thousand people in the United States at the time. Experts at Cornell University in the state of New York claimed that the main driver of disinformation about SARS-COV-2 was President Trump. It was during his presidency that the conspiracy theories echoed by anti-vaccine groups, opponents of 5G and political extremists were dispersed. Many of the latter participated in the alleged capture of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, when they wanted to prevent Joe Biden from becoming the next president of the United States of America. Donald Trump himself, as has been shown in the Committee hearings that investigate the insurrection of that January 6, built—- a plot against him, given, according to him, that the elections had been a hoax.


With his hand on his waist, he spread the Big Lie that Joe Biden had not won the presidency. The (un)informative network Fox News, Trump’s squire, helped spread the lie, as well as other distorted media.

It is necessary to explain here, to understand the US electoral system, that the federal government is not in charge of voting, but each state does it, following its own rules, independently and with its own staff. Some states weigh more than others in elections. To begin with, Alabama is a Republican stronghold, Trump’s party, but California has been leaning towards Democratic candidates since 1992. Of course, there are states that change their preferences (swing states). There is also a higher materiality burden in certain states. Florida, for example, takes 29 votes, while New Hampshire only 4. Therefore, the candidates are dedicated to convincing voters in swing states. Iowa and Colorado, in metropolitan areas, lean Democratic, while in rural areas they lean Republican. Following the elections in that country is not easy. CNN is a fairly reliable news outlet and I have seen that for many years, when the presidential elections are held or when news as relevant as the recent bipartisan hear ings, of Republicans and Democrats, organized by a special commission of the Congress of the United States United States, which analyzes why a fierce mob of mostly white supremacists appeared who wanted to take over the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to foment the insurrection against the authorities.

The core of this uprising is found in the actions of Donald Trump, who wanted to manipulate several characters so that they would allege the “fraud” committed in the elections. To do this, from November 3, 2020, he began to feed his Big Lie (Big Lie). Of course, there were people who made a comparsa for him and others were prone to the pressure exerted by the former president. But others did not fall for the game, no matter how Republican they may have been. Vice President Mike Pence preferred to be faithful to the truth and not Trump. Trump called him a wimp, a softy, because he did not give in to participating in the Big Lie. The infamous mob that stormed the Capitol was, among other things, Mike Pence, while Trump promoted the coup. Serious matter, never before seen in the history of the United States and its democratic structure.

The president of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, recounted that Trump called her to spread the Big Lie, while the former president was looking at how to reverse the election results. He threatened many, as befits the haughty and capricious figure of Donald Trump. Not a few election workers, where Joe Biden legitimately won (Would it be possible to make Lorenzo Meyer understand, who wrote on Twitter, regarding the Summit of the Americas, that the United States should not participate “because its current government is the product of an electoral fraud” 05-13-22) were intimidated and warned that they could die if they did not cooperate.

Donald Trump, the man that Andrés Manuel López Obrador likes, is a true criminal, a satrap who also rejoices that he “bent” our president. But that’s not important. Our president also carries his own dramatic outbursts. Since 2006 he affirms that the presidential elections favored him (sic), but that Felipe Calderón won fraudulently, when the INE (National Electoral Institute), at that time IFE (Federal Electoral Institute), held the elections and took care of them as it has done since its inception. AMLO has never been able to prove the fraud, but he repeats it like a litany. In that 2006 his tantrum was so great that he organized a sit-in on Reforma Avenue and had himself proclaimed as legitimate president. A taste of great guiñol!

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s constant criticism of the INE is disturbing, despite the fact that the Electoral Institute organized very well, as always, although with a small budget, the useless consultation on the Revocation of the Mandate, as Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas described it, and that the last electoral day of some governorships was impeccable. Will the president of Mexico have any maneuver in mind when Lorenzo Cordóva ceases to be the President Counselor and Ciro Murayama electoral counselor? If finally, the 2024 elections do not achieve the result that López Obrador hopes for, because anything can happen and, knowing his rudeness, could we attend a special function? Maybe not, but whatever happens to the neighbor that you like so much, hopefully it will make you put your beard to soak.



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