The 'Bird' Benítez Is Presented As a New Reinforcement Of The Paraguayan Guaraní

Asunción, Dec 26 (EFE) .- Paraguayan attacker Edgar 'Pájaro' Benítez, with a long career in Mexican football, was presented Thursday as a new reinforcement for the Guaraní, with which he will play in the League tournament and the Copa Libertadores in 2020 .

Benítez, 32, was greeted with a 'Welcome !!', written by the 'Legendario' team in his 'Twitter' account along with several graphic sequences of the player with the 'aurinegra' jacket at the time of signing of the contract.

The 'Bird' integrated since mid-2018 the staff of Libertad, local runner-up, after returning from Mexico, where he was for the last time in Querétaro.


In his first experience in Aztec football he played in Pachuca, then returned to Paraguay to be champion with Cerro Porteño in the Clausura tournament in 2012, the year he emigrated back to that country to enroll in Toluca.

The 'Aboriginal' thus adds his fifth reinforcement after the recent signings of the Argentine Nicolás Maná, former defense and justice leader, and Gaspar Servio, exporter of Dorados de Sinaloa de México, and the Paraguayans Ángel Benítez, ex-speaker of the local San Lorenzo, and Rolando García Guerreño, former Argentine Lanús defense.

The fourth location in this year's League allowed Gustavo Costas's Guaraní to access Phase 1 of the Libertadores, where he will debut on January 22 before a Bolivian rival who will meet on the 29th, when the tournament ends in That country.

A week earlier, on January 17 he will face San Lorenzo on the first day of the local Apertura tournament. EFE