The ‘Bison Of QAnon’, Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For The Assault On The Capitol

The 'Bison of QAnon', sentenced to three years in prison for the assault on the Capitol

Jacob Chansley, the man who participated in the assault on the United States Capitol disguised as a bison on January 6, 2021 has been sentenced this Wednesday to 41 months in prison – three years and five months in prison – in a federal court in the country .

In September, Chansley, a native of Arizona, pleaded guilty before the federal court of the District of Columbia, which tried him on a charge that consists of obstructing an official procedure during a session of Congress on January 6, when the assault on the Capitol.


A follower of the Qanon conspiracy theory, linked to a series of violent acts committed in the United States, Chansley regularly participated in right-wing activities and demonstrations in support of Trump. At the age of 32, he walked bare-chested and with his head decorated by his now famous fur and horned hat. The local press said that it was common for the young man to do the same in front of the state capitol where he lives.

The assault on the Congress building occurred on the day that the representatives had to ratify the victory of Joe Biden in the elections against Donald Trump. The former president had been accusing his rival of electoral fraud for weeks and haranguing his followers. Minutes before the assault, Trump had given a speech to protesters in Washington encouraging them to march towards Congress, not surrender and not consent to Biden’s victory.

While the attack was taking place, Trump was tweeting against his vice president for not giving in to his pressure and not blocking the certification of the election results. “Pence has not had the courage to do what needed to be done to protect our country and our Constitution.”



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