The Bogdanoff Brothers, The Most Famous Twins In France, Die Of COVID-19 And Without Vaccination

The Bogdanoff brothers, the most famous twins in France, die of COVID-19 and without vaccination

The Bogdanoff brothers, the most famous twins in France, known for having launched the first science fiction television program in the country, have died six days apart, following the death of Igor on Monday. The two were admitted on December 15 to the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris and the first, Grichka, died on December 28, at the age of 72.

Although the family did not want to comment on the cause, their environment had assured the press that neither of them was vaccinated against the coronavirus and when Grichka died, after several days in a coma, he attributed his death to COVID. This has been confirmed to the RTL chain by his lawyer, Édouard de Lamaze.


According to the BFM TV chain, they were not anti-vaccines but they considered that they were in good physical shape and that they were not part of the group that should be immunized.

The twins, descendants of the Austrian aristocracy, rose to fame in France as hosts of the science fiction program ‘Temps X’, on the air from 1979 to 1987. Igor and Grichka, who in that broadcast were dressed in striking silver jumpsuits, were also recognized by his particular face, chin and prominent cheekbones. Despite the obvious transformation of their face over the years, both had denied having resorted to cosmetic surgery or suffering from acromegaly.

They were doctors in Physics and Mathematics, writers and leading figures in popular science for the general public, although part of the scientific community had criticized their work and considered that it had little value. The twins were also at the helm of ‘Rayons X’, from 2002 to 2007, and of ‘À deux pas du futur’, between 2010 and 2011, and defended themselves from criticism claiming that some experts were unable to accept a point of view atypical.

In June 2018, they were charged with fraud against a vulnerable person, suspected of having taken advantage of the vulnerability of a 54-year-old millionaire who committed suicide in August of that year, and the trial before the Paris Correctional Court was scheduled for this January, according to the newspaper Le Monde.



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