The Buttock Fat Burning Routine Of Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky The new course has started very intensely. After seeing her in a demonstration against climate change in Byron Bay with her family, the actress has spent a few days in Spain to fulfill her professional commitments. However, being one of the most 'fit' celebrities of the national and international scene, it could not miss the Gym on his return to the routine.

And, as we know, many years ago that the sport and the healthy lifestyle they are part of the daily life of Elsa Pataky. A passion that wants to transmit to the whole world. In addition to Centr, the app she launched a few months ago with her husband Chris Hemsworth, to help people get in shape, the actress shares whenever she can with her followers. training routines what does he do to have that great body at 43 years old.

That is precisely what he has done in one of his latest publications. Elsa shared a video with the fat burning buttocks routine perfect to do in the Gym. And of course, taking advantage of the rentrée, the protagonist of 'Fast & Furious' has challenged her fans to follow in her footsteps.


"Who is encouraged to try these exercises?" Elsa Pataky next to the video that has razed. And there are many who have accepted the challenge of the actress. If you also want to have a ass 10, it's time to put these exercises into practice. This is the full session.

Buttock exercises by Elsa Pataky

For results, Centr trainers recommend doing four rounds of this routine with 20 seconds of rest between each one.

1. Buttock lift to one leg

An ideal exercise to tone the gluteus internal muscles. Elsa makes a first round of 20 seconds with her left leg raised. Then change legs and repeat the movement another 20 seconds.

2. Exercise 'good morning' with dumbbells

In addition to the gluteus, the hamstrings and lower back area are also worked with this exercise. In order not to hurt yourself it is very important to keep your back straight at all times.

3. Strides with dumbbells

Elsa Pataky adds extra weight to this movement to give her more difficulty.

4. Dynamic squats with TRX

It is already known that the squat is one of the most effective exercises for working the buttocks. But if you do it in suspension with the help of the TRX and adding a jump, as Elsa does, the results will be surprising.

5. Hamstring rollouts with fitball

Although it seems a simple exercise with the naked eye, rolling the fitball with the legs in the air requires great force in the central area of ​​the body.

6. Side scrolling with squat

Like Vikika Costa, Elsa Pataky Perfectly know the benefits of using elastic bands to train. This is demonstrated in the last exercise of this buttock routine. This type of squat with an elastic band makes the muscles work with greater resistance and increases the effectiveness of the movement.