The Call That Citizens And Politicians Make

During the afternoon of this Monday, and in view of the crisis that the country is experiencing today, 1,186 representatives of the world of politics from different sectors, together with academics and citizens in general, wrote and signed a letter whose message is one: defend the democracy.

Through this letter, which bears the title "Defend Democracy", "we seek to make a call for unity, which prioritizes generosity and the country, so to speak, not to put differences but to prime the country, and in that sense generosity of all actors is required, ”Sylvia Eyzaguirre, a researcher at the Center for Public Studies (CEP), who along with the lawyer and former director of the SII, Ricardo Escobar, led the initiative, told EL DÍNAMO.

Also, Eyzaguirre stressed that it is “a letter that is born of citizenship. What this letter does is that they are citizens, one better known than others, those who call for unity, to safeguard democracy, and above all to dialogue. And hopefully we could open a national dialogue, all together, each one in their homes, in their jobs, in the schools, but it also calls for a dialogue to the political forces, to the political forces to act generously, to dialogue and deliver a solution to the social problems of Chile ”.


Signatories include, for example, former ministers of state, such as the former head of the Harald Beyer Education portfolio; former Minister of Mining and Energy, Laurence Golborne; the former Minister of Education, Mariana Aylwin; and Soledad Alvear, former Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs.

In addition, they are joined by columnist Max Colodro, former Senator Fulvio Rossi, and CEP director Leonidas Montes, among hundreds of other citizens.

In Defense of Democracy

We are citizens who want to take care of our country and its people.

We reject violence as a political manifestation.

Our society has conflicts, frustrated ambitions, deep inequalities, which we must certainly resolve.

We believe in democracy and its institutions. It took many years and suffering to have them again and we must take care of them.

We ask the elected authorities to assume their role, to take with responsibility the power that the citizens have delegated to them and exercise it.

When violence is used as a form of demonstration, what is attacked is freedom and human rights.

We support the action of the State and its institutions so that peace and security of people are restored.

That done, the democratic parties and the authorities must generate a generous and committed dialogue with Chile that agrees a route to solve the problems that still afflict many Chileans.

A national and urgent dialogue is required that is conducted by democratic institutions. There is no other alternative.

This is an invitation to all citizens to support democracy, to take care of our country and demand that our leaders, left, center and right, united, take care of all Chileans and do not leave people behind.

Fear will not defeat us. We must act with clarity and courage.

We Chileans can do great things, we have done it before against adversities and tragedies. Today we must do it once more and that's why we signed this invitation.