The Call That The Argentine Justice Attributes To Plácido Domingo To Contact An Alleged Trafficking Network

Plácido Domingo would have requested the sexual services offered by a trafficking network through the coercive organization Escuela de Yoga Buenos Aires. The Argentine Justice has some audios in which it identified the voice of Susana Mendelievich, alias Mendy, one of the directors of the community, and of Juan Percowicz, leader of the sect, arrested on Friday along with twenty other people. The third voice would be that of the 81-year-old conductor and conductor from Madrid, according to sources from the investigation to elDiarioAR.

From Harvey Weinstein to Plácido Domingo: how the world has changed after the outbreak of #MeToo

From Harvey Weinstein to Plácido Domingo: how the world has changed after the outbreak of #MeToo


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There are no certainties about the date on which the telephone exchange between the three people took place, but Domingo appeared in April at the Teatro Colón after two decades without setting foot on Argentine soil. The composer is not charged in the case, in which the organization is being investigated for the crimes of trafficking in persons for the purpose of reduction to servitude aggravated by coercion, aggravated theft, money laundering, illicit association, illegal practice of medicine, irregular sale of drugs and influence peddling.

According to the audios that appear in the case, the woman identified as Mendy warns the leader of the organization that someone named Plácido will visit them: “Plácido said that he could come to visit us, that is, that he is going to come to visit me. Because he goes home to New York and he remembered yesterday.”

In a second audio, a man is heard saying: “When we leave dinner we come separately, we do it that way because my agents are going to go up to the room when I go up and they are going to stay on the same floor.” Who speaks would be the tenor and conductor. The leaders of the organization would have enabled the “Museum”, the main headquarters of the community and the place where the orgies would have been held.

Once the meeting is over, Mendy and Percowicz talk on the phone. Here is the transcript of the talk:

Mendy: He already called me and set up a ruckus so that I stay in the hotel without the agents noticing.

Percowicz: How degenerate you are.

Mendy: It seems to me that you collaborated a little with this product. He’s fucked up, Juan, I’m sorry, I don’t wish him any harm, but it’s so wonderful to see us shining and flying through the skies and he’s fucked up, he told us everything they did to him. You are excited? I love you so.

Percowicz: Yes, but very excited.

Mendy: Sure, because you keep doing miracles all the time, they are enormous miracles because it really wasn’t written for us to have this abundant life, Juan.

Percowicz: I am reading the first classes from when school started and at a given moment there are videos and in the videos you see people with much poorer clothes.

Mendy: And we were all much poorer than now. I had two pesos in my wallet when I met you. There have been one or two people who had money, but the rest of us were all very poor. You gave us all a well-being that we would never have achieved without you.

#MeToo: Placido Domingo was accused by 20 women

Three years ago, the Associated Press agency published the testimony of twenty women who detailed the abusive behavior of the Spanish tenor. The cases refer to productions made in the United States. Only one of them, a singer named Angela Turner Wilson, gives her name. The rest remained anonymous as they continue to work in the music environment. They accuse him of forcibly kissing, grabbing or fondling them in incidents dating back to the late 1980s.

The following year, in 2020, and after a “period of reflection”, Plácido Domingo apologized “for the pain” caused “to all” the women who accused him of sexual abuse. In a statement, Domingo said: “I have taken some time over the last few months to reflect on the accusations that various colleagues have made against me. I respect that these women finally felt comfortable enough to speak up and I want them to know that I am truly sorry for the pain I caused them. I accept full responsibility for my actions.”

The American Union of Musical Artists brought a case against the tenor. Opera singer Luz del Alba Rubio was one of the 124 people who testified against Plácido Domingo. “Now they will finally believe me,” the woman told the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, after hearing the audios that involve the tenor in the case.



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