The Candidate Of Unidos Podemos Pablo Iglesias Talks About The Extreme Right

I speak Iglesias abjura of the fuss that these days retail in the media for the long-running of the extreme right in the prime time of a debate with eight million spectators. He explained this Wednesday in an interview at Cadena Ser, where he looked at the responsibility of journalism in the rise of the extreme right: “The problem is not if the parties take him down, that we did, but the issues that have been dominating the media agenda these years, the treatment of immigrants as a matter of security, Catalonia become the most important problem in the country … that media agenda has created the possibility of the rise of that PP schism that It's Vox. "

In any case, the candidate of United We can stressed that "the fundamental thing is that the extreme right is fought with economic policy because its base is uncertainty." Iglesias believes that throughout Europe, the breeding ground for the extreme right is inequality and the loss of a horizon of material progress, hence, he says, "fighting the extreme right is to make social policies, and ensure decent wages, which avoid that competition from the last against the penultimate. ”

"The media agenda that overexposes Catalonia or immigration is the condition of possibility for the rise of Vox," says Iglesias


In this sense, he not only defended that we do not have a problem of insecurity or saturation of social services because of immigration but that, "given our population pyramid, I wish more people could come from abroad, because that would guarantee pensions." In his opinion, "to appeal to the wolf is not to understand that there is a background speech behind it, the extreme right is not fought with leftist flags but with social policies, with economic policy."

And he set the example, pointing out what in his opinion is an inherent contradiction in the speech of the acting president Pedro Sánchez: "To say that the wolf comes at the same time that the Austrian backpack is proposed in Brussels is to be wrong." Iglesias is convinced, after Monday's debate, that Sánchez is going to try “the soft coalition”, expression, quoted Iglesias, of the journalist from El Confidencial
 Iván Gil, which consists of an investiture agreement in exchange for a right-wing economic policy and a PSOE-PP agreement on Catalonia. "That would be terrible." The leader of Podemos believes that the only reason why Pablo Casado can refuse is that Vox obtains a great result, so that the PP would lose its incentive to approach the PSOE. But, in any case, he affirms emphatically: "The only guarantee that Sanchez will agree with us is that we be strong."


Iglesias is convinced that if it depends on “Pedro's will, there will be no coalition government”, and yet he believes that it is the favorite option “not only our voters but also theirs”. Regarding Sánchez's changes of opinion regarding the relationship with Podemos or his vision of the territorial issue, from Sánchez “who said that Catalonia was a nation” to today, which does not pronounce the word, reflects: “It is no more One Peter lies than another, he uses the frames depending on the circumstances and his advisors. ”

That is the reason why he considers that there is no reason for his entry into government to be impossible. And it is not that United We can establish it as an indispensable condition for the agreement: “The condition of entering the government will be set by the people. It's the votes. "

The purple leader considers “imprudent that Sanchez has already set up his government advancing charges, in particular, the vice presidency of Nadia Calviño, and attributed it to his courtship of the PP. an operation that he considers not only contrary to his interests but to those of the PSOE itself, given the continental experience: “Sanchez told Casado in the debate that he should raise the sanitary cordon to social democracy as his European partners do,” recalled Iglesias, He added "The social democracy that has agreed with the right in Europe has done very badly."

Iglesias had no problem admitting that he would "rely on the independentistas to govern: An agreement with the PSOE with the support of ERC, although not within the government, not only would it be good for left-wing politicians but would help deflate the Catalan conflict ”.

“Intervening in the internet without a court order is authoritarianism and wanting to put doors to the field,” he said of the Government's decree against the digital digital Republic ’Catalan

As for the initiatives of the PSOE to resolve the Catalan conflict, he abhorred the decree for the closure of web pages: "All that is to intervene internet without judicial authorization is authoritarianism and is to put doors to the field." And he continued: "The Catalonian thing is not resolved with police-executive action." In line with this and asked about Sánchez's proposals for Catalonia launched in the debate, Iglesias was very expressive: “I hallucinated, hallucinated with Sánchez's proposals for Catalonia: A reform of the penal code that pursues illegal referendums such as 1-O … Were it not that this had not been a referendum? It is to prove them right! But what ended up convincing me that they were gestures to approach the right was when he said he will bring Carles Puigdemont. How? Is he going to get on a helicopter with the Geos? In the European Union there is separation of powers ”. The candidate says that in the debate he wondered why he proposes two things "so rare and improper of the height of the state that a president is supposed to be." And he concludes: “It is a way to seduce the right. With the excuse of Catalonia will come the cuts ”.

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