The Car Was Crossed From End To End By Trunks And Incredibly The Driver Came Out Alive | Univision United States News

Seeing the images of how the vehicle was, completely crossed by logs, it is difficult to think that the driver of the car could get out of there alive. That was exactly what happened in Whitfield County, Georgia.

The CNN chain details that the incident occurred when the driver of the vehicle was inclined to look for something that had fallen and crashed into the back of the truck carrying the logs.

The incident happened on Friday, October 11, according to the Fire Department.


Officers who went to the scene of the incident to rescue the man who was trapped by the logs used chainsaws to cut the huge wooden logs. The man only resulted in minor injuries.

The fire chief, Edward O'Brien, said that after cutting the trunks, the work of demolition until the man was removed lasted between 10 to 15 minutes.

If he had not crouched down, rescuers said, the driver's luck would have been different. "The space that formed with the trunks was as if it were almost created just for your head," O'Brien said.

The Fire Department shared the photographs of the incident through their Facebook account. The driver was arrested, but it was not specified what charges he faces.

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