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Millionaires have three gears, dry braking, and being fighting the tip of the championship now puts their classification at risk, after the 2-0 defeat against Tolima, in Ibagué. And the calendar ahead is not easy.

On Saturday, the team led by Jorge Luis Pinto receives America in Bogotá. Then, on date 18, he will visit Junior in Barranquilla. Then he will face Santa Fe in the classic and close as a visitor against Rionegro.

Why are Millionaires falling and now in trouble to classify? Here, five reasons.


1. You have no security in the defense. The coach Pinto had rehearsed several pairs of centrals and none had given him a satisfactory performance, to such an extent that in 16 games, Millionaires have only taken the goal twice at zero. In Ibagué tried to play something else: put three defenders and advanced to the sides. But with that formula, they scored a head goal, in a tremendous passivity of the defense.


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2. No mark in half. In Ibagué, Pinto decided to rest Jhon Fredy Duque and put together a recovery couple with Felipe Jaramillo and César Carrillo. But the former has been at a very low level for a while and the latter is more of a mixed flyer than a brand man. The team gave many freedoms and did not lose any further due to the lack of aim of Tolima and the performance of Jefersson Martínez, who failed in the first goal but avoided at least two others.

3. Without creation. In the last two games, Millionaires made just two shots to the goal. And both were in the encounter against Patriots. Mackálister Silva, with everything and his intermittences, is the only one who brings offensive ideas. In Ibagué he did not play because of physical problems. And his replacement, Juan Camilo Salazar, is far from the level that led him to go to San Lorenzo. Since he returned, he hasn't even had an acceptable level.

Juan Camilo Salazar has not responded.


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4. Short payroll and no variants. In practice, Millos had five casualties in Ibagué: goalkeeper Wuilker Faríñez and striker José Guillermo Ortiz were with their respective teams. Silva and Cristian Arango were not available due to inconvenience and Pinto left Duque out. The team does not have a bank: there are players who have contributed little to the team, such as Salazar and Elíser Quiñones, and others who do not know what they are playing, because they do not enter, like Carlos López.

5. Lack of self-criticism. Jorge Luis Pinto, the Millionaire coach, appeals to memory and remembers his career every time he receives a criticism of the operation of his team. But the reality is that he has not found the return to the defense (in the last five games he has not repeated the back line) and the team is playing worse and worse. In addition, incredibly, he left the team without strikers after the expulsion of Rambal: he tried to have the ball with the entry of Barreto. How to regain campus confidence? He has a hard job ahead.

José Orlando Ascencio
Sports Subeditor