The Changes Kobe Bryant’s Widow Wants To Make To Her Will

Vanessa Bryant made a request to modify the last will of her husband, who failed to include in him the youngest of his daughters.

Almost two months after the death of Kobe Bryant , his wife, Vanessa Byant, asked for some modifications to be made in the will of the American basketball star, as he seeks that Capri, the youngest of his daughters, only nine months old, is included in his inheritance.


Wife Byant, together with his representative, Rob Pelinka, are the figureheads of the ex-basketball player’s last will, so together they presented a formal request in court to modify Kobe’s will, which has an estimated net worth of $ 550 million .

This application asks for inclusion among the beneficiaries of Capri, the youngest daughter of the 9-month-old couple. The other descendants of the Lakers star are Natalia, 17, and Bianka Bella, 3.

The basketball player made his will in 2003, in which he specified the procedure in case of suffering in an accident similar to the one he suffered. In it he sought to protect Vanessa and the rest of his family nucleus.

Although the document was modified several times, it never included its youngest daughter, who was born in June last year.

Vanessa’s central argument and evidence for making this request are the documents in which Bryant He made it clear that his intention was to ensure that his daughters did not have financial problems in the future and could enjoy the heritage that he built during his successful career in the NBA.