The Chaos And Delay Of The Champions League Won By Madrid

Police fired tear gas on Liverpool fans who had been waiting for the Stade de France for a long time, and guards fought desperately to see the Champions League final, which kicked off in 37 minutes on Saturday. ..

When Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 1-0 in the European season’s Grand Final, the UEFA blamed thousands of fans for buying fake tickets to prevent the turnstile ticket gates from entering the stadium. ..

Some Liverpool fans were furious at the line and hung from the fence and shouted, “Take your ticket!”


In many cases, fans tried to avoid the guards and enter the stadium. The Associated Press saw two men, one wearing a Liverpool jersey, thrown to the ground by security guards and forcibly removed from the stadium.

The other three fans evaded security and ran down the hallway to the lower floors of the stadium. Several people without team shirts got over the bar when Liverpool supporters shouted to get off.

The finals have begun, even though many fans are still trying to get in. The riot police fired tear gas from the security boundaries of outsiders.

I could see police officers and guards resenting the effects of irritants on the eyes.

Crying children

“I saw the children cry and the people trapped,” said fan Colm Lacy in front of the entrance. “People began to move forward in the line, then they forced the gates open and the turmoil began.”

A delay was announced due to a delay in the arrival of fans at the stadium, approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled start of Greenwich Mean Time 1900 (9 am local time).

The delay was due to some fans running late to the stadium. The announcement was whistled and booed by the masses who were already in the stadium and had to line up in long lines.

The meeting started at 9:37 pm.

“We are standing at the gate from 6:15,” Liverpool supporter Angel Murphy told The Associated Press through the gate. “I have severe asthma and have had tear gas twice. I’m really having a hard time.”

Tear gas

When asked what caused the tear gas, Murphy replied, “Nothing, we’re just standing here. There was nothing. It was terrible. We were fine.” rice field.

Police officers with clubs and shields ran from one door to another to prevent a group of fans from forcibly breaking in without giving them a ticket. The agent fell and was helped by another person.

Police fired tear gas several times at Liverpool supporters.

One of them kissed his ticket and looked up at the sky when he finally entered the stadium.

UEFA said it “understood the affected people” and announced an urgent investigation by the French police and authorities, as well as the French Football Federation.

“Before the match, the Liverpool ticket gates were blocked by thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that didn’t work,” the UEFA said in a statement.

“This concentrated the people trying to enter. As a result, the kick-off was delayed by 35 minutes so that as many supporters as possible with valid tickets could access. Because they continued to gather after the kick-off. Police disbanded them. Tear gas forced them to leave the stadium.

Liverpool called for a formal investigation.

“We are very disappointed with the issue of admission to the stadium and the collapse of the security boundaries faced by Liverpool fans,” the club said in a statement. “This is the biggest match in European football and fans shouldn’t experience the scene they saw tonight.”

The scene is reminiscent of the turmoil seen outside Wembley Stadium prior to last year’s Euronations Cup final between England and Italy.

A long line of Liverpool fans waited to enter in just 40 minutes to get before the kickoff.

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