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The ‘Chicken’ Vignolo Bomb: Confirms The Years That Messi Will Remain At Barça And The Star They Want To Take Him – Ten

The future of Leo Messi is still in the air. The Argentine star ended his contract with Barcelona on June 30 and could call on any other team for free, a situation that the Catalan entity wants to avoid at all costs and especially Joan Laporta, since it would mean his first failure as president of the club.

This is the tremendous life of the sheikh who wants to take Messi

However, the Argentine journalist Sebastián Vignolo surprised with information that, if confirmed, will be a world bomb.

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The ‘Chicken’ assures that Messi will continue in the Barcelona club for two more seasons and pointed out to the footballer that the board of directors is trying to get to please him.

” The information I have is that Messi will continue in Barcelona for two more years. And that the idea of ​​the club is also to take him to Neymar, ” Vignolo launched about the closure of his Football 90 program on ESPN.

And he added: ” Barcelona and Messi are again on the same paths. Tomorrow I will give more details on how Barcelona does to get money and take Neymar. I think it is a topic to follow. ”

Leonardo on Neymar

In the last hours, the PSG sports director did not guarantee Neymar’s continuity in the French team. Asked about his future, Leonardo only limited himself to saying: “You have to see everything calmly.”

Neymar messes with a beautiful Italian player’s girlfriend

It should be remembered that the Brazilian himself stated a few months ago that his wish is to share a dressing room with Messi again, although he did not specify which team. ” I want to play with Messi again. Next year for sure we have to do it, ” said the forward.

André Cury, Neymar’s former agent, also revealed in March that the two stars will meet again. ” Laporta is the only one who can put them back together. Messi is not going to leave Barcelona. He decided that his story be in Barcelona and I am very clear about that. Neymar will play with Messi again, but it will be in Barcelona. ”


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