The Chilean And US Armies Will Carry Out The Southern Vanguard 2021 Mountain Exercise

XV Bilateral Meeting of General Staff

Chilean mountaineers have extensive experience in the summer and winter mountain environment. Photo: Chilean Army

11/19/2020 | Valparaso


Nicols Garcia

The Chilean Army and the United States Army South (Arsouth) will carry out the Southern Vanguard mountain exercise next year in Chile to train and increase the interoperability of the personnel of both institutions.

The development of the exercise, which will include troops from Arsouth, the X Mountain Division of the United States Army and personnel from the Chilean Army, is one of the actions agreed upon at the XV Bilateral Meeting of General Staffs (RBEM), meeting at the that the joint agenda was reviewed and new bodies were established that will strengthen bilateral cooperation

The meeting, which was held via videoconference from November 16 to 18, helps improve interoperability and collaboration between the two armies, contributing to greater security and stability in the region.

The final day was chaired by the Chief of the General Staff of the Chilean Army, Major General Schafik Nazal, and the General Commander of Arsouth, Major General Daniel Walrath. In the instance, the minutes of the XV RBEM were signed with the corresponding agreements signed that are framed in strategic objectives that guide the joint work for the period 2021-2023.

At RBEM, a wide variety of topics were analyzed and joint exercises, student exchanges, science and technology research, and professional visits were agreed for the next two years.

A productive meeting

The Bilateral Meeting of General Staff has been held since 2006 and has allowed the exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons learned, promoting development and mutual knowledge, paving the way for new exchanges and commitments.

General Nazal indicated that the meeting allows the strengthening of bilateral relations, “achieving excellent coordination, which has us excited to receive them next year in the mountain exercise. The latter allows us to project another exercise related to armored material. For this reason, I highlight the friendship and commitment of General Walrath, very important for us to reach agreements and develop beneficial activities for both armies ”.

The director of International Relations of the Army, Brigadier Sergio Estévez, said that the meeting was held remotely so as not to interrupt the various actions programmed in the previous RBEM and stressed that “these days were very productive, with topics widely discussed at the discussion tables. I work with our peers in the United States ”.

Colonel Andrew Rendon, head of the Arsouth delegation, said the meeting “represents a deep bond and strong partnership between the United States and Chile,” adding that “we have and continue to strive to increase the readiness and interoperability of our armies. Together we have made significant and sustained contributions to regional security while maintaining successful partnerships between our strong democratic nations. “

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