The City Of Los Angeles And The County Differ In Offering Covid-19 Tests To All Residents

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(Source CNN) – A day after the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti said through a virtual press conference that residents of the city and Los Angeles County could be tested for covid-19, whether they had symptoms or not. related to the coronavirus for free, the director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Dr. Christina Ghaly, said Thursday also through a virtual conference, that the county was not ready for it yet.

Dr. Ghaly added that only essential service workers and those with virus-related symptoms can be tested at the 26 centers throughout the county.


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Dr. Ghaly said that, as health authorities, they must first be sure that there is a sufficient number of tests available to be able to respond to epidemics as orders to stay home relax.

Health representatives fear that people who test negative at some point may lower their guard, reduce social distancing, not obey orders to stay home, or wear masks or face masks when they are in a public place.

“This is what keeps us protected. The results of a test or even a negative will not change that. A negative result of an asymptomatic person does not mean that they can return to life as normal, “said Dr. Ghaly.

For his part, Mayor Garcetti said that the city will offer covid-19 tests in all its city centers to whoever wants it, however, he added that the workers who are in charge of this virus and those with symptoms, would have priority .

Are covid-19 antibody tests effective? 3:51

Mayor Garcetti said the virus is a silent killer. And he added that it spreads without feeling or being seen. “If we are going to save lives and want to reopen the economy, we have to know where this virus is,” he added.

Both the city and Los Angeles County have extended “stay home” orders until May 15.

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