The CNMC Concludes That Amazon Is a Postal Operator And Requires It To Register Its Self-employed Couriers As Such

The CNMC has resolved that Amazon is a postal operator and that, therefore, it must comply with the regulations of the sector. The agency launched an investigation in February last year and has just disseminate your findings. Among the most relevant requirements is not only that Amazon must register as an operator in the Ministry of Transport, but that it must require all its subcontractors and autonomous distributors to do so. Registration is not free: it costs 325 euros, depending on the memory published by the Ministry.

The file affects two of the five companies that Amazon has in Spain: Amazon Spain Fulfillment (the large logistics centers) and Amazon Road Transport Spain (the small warehouses, called ‘stations’, that the company has in the cities). The company has yet to comment on the matter.


Amazon opened the Flex service in Spain three years ago, through which it hires part-time delivery men who drive their own cars. Already then the experts in labor regulations they alerted

that to deliver goods by car in Spain you need an administrative authorization. The CNMC does not require such authorization, only that they register in the registry of companies that provide postal services. This record It is for operators that provide postal services not included in the Universal Postal Service, which falls to Correos.

That is to say: it does not enter into the conditions of these freelancers nor does it enter into whether they carry the carrier authorization or not, which is not incompatible with being in the Ministry’s registry.

After its study, Competition indicates that the fact that Amazon has electronic commerce as its main activity does not exclude that it performs postal functions. And that, in the tasks analyzed, their activities fit more with the postal regulations than with those of the transport or logistics sector.



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