The Community Of Madrid Orders Not To Hire Again In The Same Center Any Professional Who Refuses To Work At Zendal

The Community of Madrid has given the order not to rehire in the same center any health professional to reinforce the Covid-19 who refuses to work temporarily at the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal.

Thus, the Ministry of Health, through the General Directorate of Human Resources and after addressing it in the Sectorial Board of Health, has reminded through an Instruction to hospitals that it will not be possible to hire again in the same center, for any other reason , to a professional who rejects the temporary assignment to work at the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal, in information advanced by El País and that sources from the Ministry have confirmed to Europa Press.


Likewise, they have specified that the calls to the personnel available in the corresponding employment exchanges will be prioritized and contracts for COVID-19 will be offered “as a priority” to provide services at the Isabel Zendal Hospital.

The Community of Madrid has made more than 11,000 reinforcement contracts for COVID-19 to deal with the pandemic and has highlighted that the Isabel Zendal Hospital is “the reference center” for the transfer and admission of patients affected by the coronavirus, ” supporting and draining the Covid activity from the rest of the SERMAS hospitals “, they stressed.

The same sources have reported that the Community of Madrid establishes in its territorial scope the performance of “essential personal benefits” to respond to the health emergency situation and guarantee the provision of human resources “necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the hospital and the quality of healthcare for patients “.

In addition, they have transferred that it is an action covered by the Royal Decree of the state of alarm in the face of the health emergency, since the autonomous communities can establish the realization of personal benefits in the field of their health and social health systems, “whenever this results essential to respond to the health emergency situation “. For their part, union sources have considered that the professional who resigns to work at Zendal “is penalized yes or yes.” “They cannot be hired in that center for anything else, it goes to the bottom of the bag,” they have criticized.

As reported by Cadena SER this Sunday, the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid has skipped the protocol and time-trial vaccination of its retirees to avoid throwing out hundreds of vaccines. Professionals received the message that there were excess doses and that they should put them in before Monday because otherwise they would have to dispose of them, so a call is started among former employees to go to get vaccinated between Saturday and Sunday without an appointment.

The hospital management indicates in the same report that “they are vaccinated because they provide a service in the hospital to patients as volunteers” through the Association of Retired Doctors, but the version does not coincide with that of one of the people summoned. “I am a nurse and I do not belong to that association. It is for all retired personnel, for all levels, they only ask us for our DNI and our old employee card,” Alicia explains in the text.

All this happens while the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, assures that in Madrid “the problem is not in the rate of vaccination but in not having enough doses”, after being asked why the region is at the tail relative to other communities regarding Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine injections. Only Euskadi is above Madrid as a community that has administered the least vaccines.



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