The Conservatives Of The CDU, The Most Voted Force In The Local Elections Of North Rhine-Westphalia, According To Projections

The German conservatives of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) added this Sunday the highest number of votes in the municipalities of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, with 36% of the votes according to the projections broadcast by the regional public television WDR at the close of the schools.

The Greens, for their part, registered the greatest improvement compared to the municipal elections of 2014, but with 19% of the votes they failed to overcome the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which lost support but held the second position (23.5% ).


If these figures are confirmed, it would be the worst historical result of the SPD in this Land, the most populous in Germany with some 14 million voters on this occasion, and the best result of The Greens. The CDU is the most voted formation in the federal state since 1999.

These projections of results must be assumed with caution because what is decided in these elections are mayors and municipal councils, among other local organizations. In addition, in many localities it will be necessary to go to a second vote between the two candidates with the most support.

In the city of Cologne, the most populated, the current mayor won again, the independent Henriette Reker, who is supported by conservatives and greens; although it may not reach the 50% of the votes necessary to avoid the second round. Aachen and Wuppertal are of particular interest, where a green candidate could prevail for the first time; and Düsseldorf, which the CDU aspires to wrest from the SPD.

The turnout remained around 50%, a rate similar to that of the last local elections, despite protection measures due to the pandemic. Masks and a safety distance were mandatory in polling stations, where voters had to go with their own pen to fill out the ballot papers.



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