The Controversial Photo Of Miley Cyrus Drugged That Is Causing a Stir In Networks

The singer had to step out to clarify the context in which the image was taken

It is no secret to anyone that years ago, during his departure from Disney and his uncovering as a mala bad girl ’, Miley Cyrus began using all kinds of drugs. It has even been banned from the awards for having smoked marijuana on the stage of the VMA’s long ago.

However, the singer has declared on more than one occasion that, from her divorce with Liam Hemsworth, she also decided to separate completely from all those addictions that had caused her so many problems with her then husband, especially the alcohol that It was still hard work to eliminate from his life.


That is why the recent viralization of an unpublished image where he is shown smoking a joint and with an intoxicated face was quite controversial, although it is clearly shown (by his hairstyle) that the postcard is not much less recent.

The performer of ‘Slide Away’– a song that deals precisely with that fight against addictions- has denied that it is a recent photograph, according to sources close to the singer. Affirming at the same time that he has been sober since last July.

Everything seems to indicate that it is a snapshot of 5 years ago, at the time of the launch of Bangerz and its most controversial controversies.