The coronavirus crisis in the United States worsens despite Donald Trump's insistence that "we are almost at the end"

The Coronavirus Crisis In The United States Worsens Despite Donald Trump’s Insistence That “we Are Almost At The End”

BOISE, Idaho, USA- The number of daily cases of coronavirus is increasing in the United States again just as experts predicted and the trend is repeated in almost all states, despite the insistence of President Donald Trump that “already we are almost at the end, we are the best ”.

With just one week left before the elections, the average daily cases nationwide is 10% more than the previous two weeks, rising from 721 to almost 794 by Sunday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Infections are on the rise in 47 states and deaths are on the rise in 34.

Experts had warned it was a matter of time before death toll began to rebound, given the steep rise in cases across the country. Deaths are a late indicator of crisis severity, as people get sick first and it takes a few weeks for them to die.


In total, the United States has had more than 8.6 million confirmed coronavirus infections and more than 225,000 deaths, the highest figures in the world. The University of Washington developed a statistical model according to which there will be 386,000 deaths by February 1.

The death toll remains below its record of 2,200 per day reached in April. Even so, experts fear that a difficult winter will come as many people are tired of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, and in the cold many people will prefer to congregate in closed spaces where contagion is easier.

Average daily new cases hit a record 68,767 on Sunday, according to Johns Hopkins University, up from a previous record of 67,293 in mid-July. More than 800,000 cases were registered in the United States on both Friday and Saturday, something never seen before, although the number of tests has also increased sharply, so the comparisons may not be totally analogous.

Experts suspect that the true number of cases is much higher since many people have not had the test and according to some studies, there are people who could have the virus without feeling symptoms.

Fears of the economic impact of the pandemic and the continued stagnation of negotiations in Washington on an economic aid package caused the stock market to crash. The S&P 500 Index was down 2.3% and looked headed for its worst day in more than a month as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 800 points (almost 3%).



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